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Alister's Diary

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Alister's Diary is a note found in a house in the Moldering Fields.

1st entry

Momma told me to write in this thing, so I suppose now is as good as ever, seeing as I'm grounded, again! So I pulled Abigail's hair. She started it! Why doesn't she have to sit in her room and write in her stupid diary? Tomorrow, I'll catch the biggest frog I can find in the marshes and leave it in sister's room. We'll see how she likes that.

2nd entry

So Momma's been reading my diary and now I'm grounded again. The frog got out before sister even saw it! Why isn't Poppa home yet? He was supposed to take me out to Burrwitch today and he's still not back from business.

Alister's Diary - 3rd entry

Momma's saying that I'm not allowed to play outside anymore. Perkins said that there are monsters roaming the marshes, but Momma said there is no such thing and she whooped me with the ladle for talking rumors again. I wish Poppa would come home already. I want to go to Burrwitch!

Alister's Diary - 4th entry

I'm scared. I'm really really scared. Momma locked me and sister in my room while she checked out some noises behind the house. It's been forever and now I hear noises inside the house too. Poppa, please come home and make the noises go away. I don't care about Burrwitch anymore. Just please come home, Poppa.