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Albrecht's Aether Ray (Skill)

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Albrecht's Aether Ray (Skill) Icon.png   Albrecht's Aether Ray
Mastery: Arcanist
Tier: 6
Skill Type: Active
Max. Level: 16
Cooldown: N/A
Associated Skills:
Transmuter (Skill) Icon.png Tainted Power
Transmuter (Skill) Icon.png

Tainted Power

01/01 100% Aether Damage converted to Chaos Damage

Disintegration (Skill) Icon.png Disintegration
Disintegration (Skill) Icon.png


01/12 +12.5 Energy Cost per Second
16 Lightning Damage
18 Electrocute Damage over 2 Seconds
+15% Crit Damage
+10% Fire Damage
+10% Aether Damage

12/12 +50 Energy Cost per Second
109 Lightning Damage
128 Electrocute Damage over 2 Seconds
+55% Crit Damage
+100% Fire Damage
+100% Aether Damage

A powerful arcane technique perfected by Master Albrecht in the years just preceding the Grim Dawn that channels raw arcane energies into a concentrated beam of destruction.

Requires a Caster Off-hand. At 100% Casting Speed, Albrecht's Aether Ray deals damage and drains energy every 0.3 seconds.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Albrecht's Aether Ray is a channeled ability which focuses intense quantities of arcane energies into the target in the form of a destructive beam. This skill requires a caster off-hand to be equipped.

Aether Ray scales with Cast Speed, dealing damage more frequently at higher Cast Speed. The base damage interval is 0.30 seconds, and energy cost is calculated per damage interval.

Skill Progression[edit | edit source]

Updated to: v1.1.6.0

Base Levels
Level Stats
1/16 50 Energy Cost per Second
0.3 Second Skill Recharge
28-40 Fire Damage
56 Aether Damage
2/16 62.5 Energy Cost per Second
33-46 Fire Damage
63 Aether Damage
3/16 75 Energy Cost per Second
38-52 Fire Damage
70 Aether Damage
4/16 87.5 Energy Cost per Second
43-58 Fire Damage
77 Aether Damage
5/16 100 Energy Cost per Second
48-64 Fire Damage
84 Aether Damage
6/16 112.5 Energy Cos per Secondt
53-70 Fire Damage
91 Aether Damage
7/16 125 Energy Cost per Second
58-76 Fire Damage
98 Aether Damage
8/16 137.5 Energy Cost per Second
63-82 Fire Damage
105 Aether Damage
9/16 150 Energy Cost per Second
68-88 Fire Damage
112 Aether Damage
10/16 162.5 Energy Cost per Second
73-94 Fire Damage
119 Aether Damage
11/16 175 Energy Cost per Second
78-100 Fire Damage
126 Aether Damage
12/16 187.5 Energy Cost per Second
83-106 Fire Damage
133 Aether Damage
13/16 200 Energy Cost per Second
88-112 Fire Damage
140 Aether Damage
14/16 212.5 Energy Cost per Second
93-118 Fire Damage
147 Aether Damage
15/16 225 Energy Cost per Second
98-124 Fire Damage
154 Aether Damage
16/16 237.5 Energy Cost per Second
103-130 Fire Damage
161 Aether Damage
Ultimate Levels
Level Stats
17/16 250 Energy Cost per Second
110-138 Fire Damage
170 Aether Damage
18/16 262.5 Energy Cost per Second
117-146 Fire Damage
179 Aether Damage
19/16 275 Energy Cost per Second
124-154 Fire Damage
188 Aether Damage
20/16 287.5 Energy Cost per Second
131-162 Fire Damage
197 Aether Damage
21/16 300 Energy Cost per Second
138-170 Fire Damage
206 Aether Damage
22/16 312.5 Energy Cost per Second
147-180 Fire Damage
217 Aether Damage
23/16 325 Energy Cost per Second
156-190 Fire Damage
228 Aether Damage
24/16 337.5 Energy Cost per Second
168-203 Fire Damage
245 Aether Damage
25/16 350 Energy Cost per Second
180-216 Fire Damage
262 Aether Damage
26/16 362.5 Energy Cost per Second
204-240 Fire Damage
294 Aether Damage

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