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Aetherial Sentinel

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Aetherial Sentinel
Aetherial Sentinel.png






Aetherial Vanguard

Aetherial Sentinels are a type of Aetherial creature, found throughout Act 6. On death they spawn a 2nd-stage Aetherial Terraformer.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Skill Name Skill Type Damage Type
Physical Damage
18% Chance to Avoid Projectiles
500% Skill Disruption Protection
100% Reduced Poison Duration
Aether Tendril
Aether Damage
Aether Conflagration (100% Chance)
3 Second Duration
3 Meter Radius
Aether Damage
Empowering Presence Buff
10 Meter Radius
15% Damage Absorption
Bonus Aether Damage
+25% Elemental Damage
+18% Total Speed
Screech AoE/Debuff
12 Meter Radius
Aether Damage
15-25% Reduction to Current Life
Stun target for 1 Second
30/50% Slower target Movement for 5 Seconds
Aether Blaze Cast on Death
6 Second Duration
4 Meter Radius
Lightning Damage
Aether Damage
Summon Corruption
13 Second Cooldown
Summons 3 Fleshwarped Corruptions
6 Summon Limit
Lives for 40 Seconds
Summon Corruption
13 Second Cooldown
Summons 3 Fleshwarped Scorchers
6 Summon Limit
Lives for 40 Seconds
Summon Colossus
13 Second Cooldown
Summons 1 Aetherial Behemoth
2 Summon Limit
Lives for 30 Seconds

Resistances[edit | edit source]

Physical 25%
Pierce 55%
Bleeding 100%
Fire 25%
Cold 25%
Lightning 25%
Vitality 30%
Aether 50%
Freeze 300%
Knockdown 500%
Petrify 300%
Sleep 500%
Stun 500%
Trap 500%
Fear 500%
Confuse 500%
Mind Control 500%

Notable Drops[edit | edit source]

Fleshwarped Core Icon.png Fleshwarped Shard Icon.png
Fleshwarped Core Fleshwarped Shard

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