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Redemption Set.jpg

"Armor of Inquisitor Grayweather, infamous for splashing foes with acid, as he believed merely slaying the wicked was insuficient and that punishment should be exacted in the process."

Absolution is a level 65 Epic Item Set.

This set is the Empowered version of the level 40 Perdition set.

Pieces[edit | edit source]

Faceguard of Redemption Icon.png Shoulderguards of Redemption Icon.png Chestguard of Redemption Icon.png Handguards of Redemption Icon.png Shield of Redemption Icon.png
Faceguard of Perdition
Shoulderguards of Perdition
Chestguard of Perdition
Handguards of Perdition
Shield of Perdition

Set Bonuses[edit | edit source]

1/5 -
2/5 Increases Armor by 10%
3/5 +100% Acid Damage
+100% Acid Retaliation
4/5 12-30 Acid Damage
800 Acid Retaliation
5/5 +150% to All Retaliation Damage

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