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A Witch's Bargain

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A Witch's Bargain
Coven's Refuge Icon.png
Quest Info
Given by: Garradia
Location: Coven's Refuge
Faction: Coven of Ugdenbog
Type: Main Quest
Prerequisites: Desperate Measures
Unlocks: A Jewel in the Mud
Into the Jaws of Madness
The Coven's Walls

This is an Act 5 main quest, offered by Garradia after completing the Desperate Measures quest.

Garradia agrees to help you in your mission to reach Malmouth if you first help her retrieve the Ugdenbog Fetish, an object presently held by Scorv Egdenor on Barrowholm.

Note that this quest allows you to choose between becoming friendly or hostile with the Barrowholm faction.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Find Barrowholm
  • Speak to Scorv Egdenor in Barrowholm
  • Acquire the Ugdenbog Fetish from Scorv Egdenor
  • Bring the Ugdenbog Fetish to Garradia at the Coven's Refuge

Guide[edit | edit source]

Barrowholm can be found in the north of Ugdenbog, and Scorv Egdenor inside his house in the village. On speaking with him you will have the option of being friendly or hostile. The A Jewel in the Mud quest will then activate, which will play out differently depending on your choice.

  • If you befriend Scorv, he will ask you to run two short quests for his people before he gives the Ugdenbog Fetish quest item to you.

Return the quest item to Garradia to compete the quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Component Reward Table
Black Tallow Complete.png Black Tallow
Ectoplasm Complete.png Ectoplasm
Haunted Steel Complete.png Haunted Steel
Rotten Heart Complete.png Rotten Heart
Serrated Spike Complete.png Serrated Spike
Severed Claw Complete.png Severed Claw
Vengeful Wraith Complete.png Vengeful Wraith
Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 29000 62500 112000
Item Random partial Component (2)
Item Ulgrim's Keepsake
Coven of Ugdenbog

Garradia will the offer the Into the Jaws of Madness quest.

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Quest log
Garradia of the Coven of Ugdenbog has accepted your offering and agreed to help you in finding a way through the Aetherfire. In a way, finding Ulgrim may be just the key to reaching Malmouth...through the Chthonic void.

But before she helps you, there is one more thing you must do for her: retrieve the Ugdenbog Fetish from the denizens of a nearby village called Barrowholm. Head out east from the Coven's Refuge and make your way through the bog, headed north, until you've see buildings.


  • Find Barrowholm
You have found the village that Garradia has instructed you to seek out.

The man named Scorv Egdenor seems to be in charge. Speak to him in Barrowholm about the Ugdenbog Fetish.


  • Speak to Scorv Egdenor in Barrowholm
You spoke with Scorv Egdenor in Barrowholm. Now you must acquire the Ugdenbog Fetish and return it to Garradia's at the Coven's Refuge.


  • Acquire the Ugdenbog Fetish from Scorv Egdenor
  • Bring the Ugdenbog Fetish to Garradia at the Coven's Refuge