A New Consensus

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A New Consensus is a note found in The Infestation.

Our recent setbacks in Homestead and beyond shall not be taken lightly. However, I believe we may bend this unfortunate situation in our favor. We must not wither at the hapless prodding of such feckless creatures. While the humans are blindly focused upon the machinations of the Dead God's children, we must take this opportunity to realign our priorities. At the recommendation of Overlord Van Aldritch, I decree a change to a recent consensus.

It's then a consensus that the Shaper of Flesh be recalled to Malmouth immediately and allowed to finish his latest work without further interruptions. Progress on the Fleshworks has stalled in his absence, a grave miscalculation.

Marcell will be returned to his ruling seat in Malmouth where his focus will once again be upon concluding the growth of the factory, with him at its heart. This project must not be allowed to suffer any further delays. A shortage of specimens will thusly not be tolerated.

All nearby regions are to double collection and begin rerouting all shipments to Malmouth immediately.

-Adjunct Orin Vostra, Fourth of the Circle of Five