A Knife in the Dark

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This note is found in a chest inside a house in a secret area of Port Valbury: Old Town.

My dearest Naomi,

I have kept no secrets from you, and you know I have lived a dark and treacherous life. From an early age I was trained to kill. Murder was my trade, the shadows my refuge. I truly believed that was all life had in store for me. But then I found happiness, I found you. Through you, I learned the joys of life, that there is more to me than a blade in the shadows. It was better than I ever deserved, but my old life came at a price. I made many powerful enemies. Enemies I cannot protect you from.

Some men from my past dealings have come forward with an offer to hide us from those that would seek to harm you in order to get at me, if I do one last job for them. I cannot allow you to become a victim of my former self, so I must ask your forgiveness. I have to do something I swore to you that I would never do again.

I am writing this letter because I have agreed to take on a very dangerous task. It will ensure your safety. Take the money I have left with this note. Use it to get out of the city and far from here. Do not tell anyone where you are going. If I succeed, I will find you. But if you never hear from me again I want you live your life and know that you were the only light in my dark. Knowing that I've kept you safe is the only reward I need.

All my love,