A Consensus Overruled

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This note is found in the treasure room of the Throne of Van Aldritch.

I must express my disappointment in the consensus to redirect the vessel Theodin Marcell to the strategically insignificant region of Homestead. While I realize that the unexpected, and still unexplained, sudden disappearance of Anasteria has left the region woefully unsupervised, I believe the attention of the Shaper of Flesh is better served in Malmouth, where his grand work can continue without interruption.

I understand that splintering the Black Legion's attention between Fort Ikon and the farmlands will be instrumental to their final destruction, but surely such an indelicate matter as the extermination of vermin can be taken upon by a vessel of lesser importance? I anticipate your reply in this matter in due haste so that a new consensus can be achieved without delay and the Shaper of Flesh returned to Malmouth.

-Overlord Aldritch of Port Valbury