A Change of Plans

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This note is found in Port Valbury: Old Town.

I regret to report that our initial efforts in subduing the ruling vessel of Port Valbury have proven unsuccessful. Contrary to previous expectations, this mortal does not exhibit many of the usual vices and mental flaws that allow us to usurp the mind and assume control.

I believed his lighthearted and jovial demeanor to mean he didn't care about the city and was only interested in the lavish parties and extravagant lifestyle. This would have been an excellent weakness to exploit, but his outward persona is a mask that masterfully concealed a very sharp mind. Evidently, this is part of his political strategy and has led many an adversary to underestimate him.

Although my efforts have proven futile, they were not entirely without success for I have found my way into the mind of the mayor's trusted advisor who they call Van Aldritch. He is a petty and scheming man who already harbored desires for the vaunted position we sought in Port Valbury. With a few suggestions, I had entered his mind. He belongs to us now.

This vessel has many valuable connections within the city, which I had used to orchestrate assassination attempts upon the mayor. While those too proved unsuccessful, they have caused the mayor to become increasingly paranoid and fearful for his wellbeing. As a direct approach seems to be out of the question, I have begun stirring the locals in the interest of destabilizing the region. To facilitate matters, I've used my position to subtly push the mayor's decisions in the direction that suits us so that the growing dissent goes unnoticed until it is far too late.

While this is contrary to our usual methods, I am confident that Port Valbury will be ready for the imminent Glorious Dawn and no adjustments will be necessary to our established timeline.

-Van Aldritch, High Advisor of Port Valbury