A Catalyst

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A Catalyst
Death's Vigil Quest Icon.png
Quest Info
Given by: Master Varuuk
Location: Bastion of the Order
Faction: Order of Death's Vigil
Type: side quest
Prerequisites: Seals of Binding
Unlocks: The Sacred Ashes
Rewards: XP, Reputation, Component

Catalyst is an Act 3 side quest offered by Master Varuuk in the Bastion of the Order after completing the Seals of Binding quest.

The Rite of Resurrection planned by the Order requires a powerful energy source. Master Varuuk tells you this can be obtained by capturing the essence of a particular sorceress who is possessed by Aetherials.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Guide[edit | edit source]

Aetherial Essence Icon.png

Master Varuuk will apply a Death's Vigil Enchantment to your weapons. The sorceress, Noveria Stormfire, can be found in Stonerend Quarry, situated east of the Blood Grove riftgate. When Noveria is defeated she will drop the Aetherial Essence. Return it to Master Varuuk to complete the quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Normal Elite Ultimate
XP 11000 36000 70000
Death's Vigil
Item Random Partial Component

Master Varuuk will tell you to speak with the Keeper of Tomes, located in another room of the Bastion of the Order, who will offer the The Sacred Ashes side quest.

Quest Log[edit | edit source]

Quest log
The ritual to bring back a being as powerful as Malkadarr will require a potent source of arcane energies. Aetherials are the Aether itself, manifested within our realm. In a fiery conflagration at the Stonerend Quarry to the northeast of Blood Grove, near Fort Haron, there is a powerful Aetherial sorceress known as Noveria Stormfire. Using necromantic power bestowed upon you by the Order of Death's Vigil, capture her essence and bring it back to Master Varuuk at Sorrow's Bastion.


  • Collect Aetherial Essence
  • Bring the Aetherial Essence to Master Varuuk at Sorrow's Bastion

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

(Immediately upon completing the prerequisite quest)

Master Varuuk
Next, we will require a source of arcane power. I have just the thing in mind.

  • [Question] What's next?

Master Varuuk
The Rite of Resurrection requires powerful incantations, and an equally powerful energy source.

Without something to draw upon, the ritual would drain the participants dry and leave them as nothing but withered husks.

  • [Question] How can we prevent that?

Master Varuuk
Aetherials are a manifestation of the Aether itself, a source of pure arcane energy. The more powerful the Aetherial, the hotter its spirit will burn within the ritual.

To the north, near Fort Haron, there is a mine called Stonerend Quarry that's become blasted with Aetherfire, a front for the Aetherials in this region. Travel there and track down an Aetherial by the name Noveria Stormfire. She was once a great sorceress, now no more than a pawn of the Aetherials.

  • [Question] Continue

Master Varuuk
I will bestow a boon of the Order upon you to help counter her arcane prowess and to contain her essence. Destroy Noveria in the Order's name!

  • [Accepts quest] I will gather the essence.
  • [Refuses quest] I am not going into that hell-hole.
  • [Ends conversation] I will return later.
  • [Ends conversation] There are other matters I must attend to.

(While the quest is active)

Master Varuuk
Have you dealt with Noveria?

  • [Question] Where should I be looking?
(Available before defeating Noveria Stormfire)

Master Varuuk
Travel north, near Fort Haron. Look for the Stonerend Quarry; it's an area blasted with Aetherfire. Track down an Aetherial by the name Noveria Stormfire. She was once a great sorceress, now no more than a pawn of the Aetherials.

Destroy Noveria and gather her essence.

  • [Ends conversation] I will do so.
  • [Ends conversation] Not yet.

(While the quest is active)

Master Varuuk
Have you dealt with Noveria?

  • [Question] I have gathered her essence.
(Available after defeating Noveria Stormfire; will complete the quest)

Master Varuuk
Excellent work. I was worried that she may have been too much for you, but you have proven to be quite resourceful.

There is but one final piece we still require to bring back Malkadarr, but that is not for me to discuss. Speak with the Keeper when you are able. She will have the details.

  • [Question] The Keeper?

Master Varuuk
The Keeper of Tomes, guardian of the Order's knowledge. She has become the Order's de-facto leader after Uroboruuk's disappearance.

  • [Question] Uroboruuk is gone?

Master Varuuk
Yes, sadly our master has left us several years ago. To what end, we do not know.

He left us no information as to his departure, nor has he tried to contact anyone within the Order.

  • [Question] Has anyone gone after him?

Master Varuuk
Yes, quite a few. Some never returned, dead or still searching.

Before the Grim Dawn, our accomplished acolytes would set out into the world for a year in order to search for our master. It was a rite of passage of sorts.

[Ends conversation] Perhaps he will return some day.
[Ends conversation] I see.
[Ends conversation] I will speak to her.
[Ends conversation] I will.